Fantastic Testimonial from a recent wedding at Manorbier Castle

Hey there,

Just to let you know I have not disappeared into a black hole.  December is actually a pretty month for me as I have 4 weddings this month and about balls / xmas parties to shoot.  On top of all that I am still catching up on weddings from the summer and am just about 2/3rds of the way there in terms of cracking the album designs etc.

So today I just got back from The Druidstone Hotel which I visited ahead of my wedding there this weekend and received a FANTASTIC testimonial from one of my more challenging weddings this year.  The guys and the wedding itself was not the challenge, it was the weather, the wedding took place at the fabulous Manorbier Castle in Pembrokeshire West Wales in the middle of the winter storms we had and during all  the flooding.  I received a phone call on the morning of the wedding from Rachel from Seren Style,  The hair dresser who was doing Trudi’s hair – one of the benefits of being a wedding photographer in West Wales is its a pretty small place and most of ‘us’ know the rest of the ‘guys’ that work in the wedding industry.  Anyway Manorbier was all but cut off by the floods and Rachel found a way thru and called me to get there quick in case it flooded – I did pass cars that had been abandoned and left in floods by their owners.

I was determined to get to the wedding and shoot it, getting home would be my problem but I would not let the couple down, I even brought my hiking kit in case I needed to ditch my car (okay, I was in Nikki’s car so dont tell her 🙂

So today it was so nice to get home and find this lovely email waiting for me.  This is what the guys had to say.

Hi David!

After a torturous day of waiting to be able to sit down together and look at the pics we have just finished our oohs and ahhhhs and sniggers! We are so thrilled with the pictures and once again we are reminded how fantastic it was to have you there. Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the pictures and all have been commenting about what a great job you did and what a great guy you are. I think I will be hiding away this weekend to go through every picture in detail to work out how to narrow down our printing and album choices to less than all of them!

Thank you once again for being such a hero and the ultimate calm in the storm!
We are so honoured to say that our wedding photography was done by David Purslow!

Love n hugs
Trudi and Rob

Thanks guys

If you would like to see a few of the photos from Trudi and Rob’s wedding click here to visit the wedding photos from Manorbier Castle

You wont see this one there but Rob wanted a ‘funny’ group shot with his guests pulling strange faces – looking thru the photos when I got home I forgot I had snagged this one – it brought a huge smile to my face just like the lovely comments the guys sent me.


Just wanted to share and say I have not dropped off the planet

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