double quick sneak peek :-)

Hello there,  dp here from

I will post more soon as Mrs P does not know I have snuck away to quickly post a few pics from this weekend for you.

Because I had a double header, a wedding in Carmarthenshire on Friday and then a wedding in Pembrokeshire on Saturday  we are having a Halloween party for the kids at 2pm today and are expecing lots and lots of JD’s and Soukies friends over so I am ‘helping’ to get the house ready !

Both of the weddings were amazing for many different reasons, Fridays wedding was a casual and relaxed BIG wedding (civil ceremony)  and Saturdays was a more formal Church wedding but with a really chilled couple who just wanted to have fun on their big day !

I will do a blog post on each soon but here are a few from Each.

Friday’s Wedding at the Cawdor in Llandilo

(I am very happy with this photo, During the wedding the room was very dark and the couple were directly under downlights – This was shot at ISO 6400 at 60th F4)

I placed the couple in direct downlight from the hotels lights and then got my fat little body out of the reflection in the mirror !







This summed up Kevin and Sally – chilled 🙂

Well as I said before this was just a quick taste of my weekends work – hope you like – remember you can visit my website at – I shoot weddings and portraits all over the UK but limit myself to only 30 weddings each year and am already 75 % full for 2010 and 25% full for 2011

Take care, more soon



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