The Wedding of Kayleigh and Martin – Gelli Fawr, Pembrokeshire

Hello there David here from – I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, West Wales however I cover West Wales, South Wales and to be honest the whole of the UK.

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for a couple I know, Martin is the brother of one of my brides from a couple of years ago and also the brother of a good friend of mine’s girlfriend. Well it seems that I am rapidly becoming the family photographer as I have another wedding for the family booked and am in talks with others about yet another wedding 🙂 – I love extended families and it always makes for better photographs as most of the guests would had seen me at Rozlyns wedding so knew what I did and left me to my own devices.

Martin and Kayleigh’s wedding was very much their own day, the wedding itself was very relaxed and pretty informal, in many ways not your traditional wedding, Martin and Kayleigh also dont like posing for photos so after a good few chats about keeping formals to a minimum I knew what they wanted and set about working out how to capture the day.

I met up with Martin the night before the wedding, he was staying at Gelli Fawr the hotel where the wedding was taking place. I had been invited up for a few beers but only had 2 as I knew I wanted a clear head the following day.

So on the morning I arrived at the Gelli Fawr Hotel and as always it was looking spectacular. Its a great setting for a wedding (once you find it) and it makes for great photos. I always shoot venue shots on the day of the wedding even though this was my third wedding there in 5 weeks. The way I look at it is the photo was actually taken on their wedding day and that makes it special.


I then set about looking for Martin, Kayleigh was getting ready elsewhere so I decided to stalk Martin – I had arrived only an hour before the wedding as requested so the groom prep shots are few but this is what my couple wanted.

Martin was surprisingly relaxed in my humble opinion and was looking pretty much a dude !


and here he is with the rest of the boys


Shortly after this shot was taken the boys were going to walk down to meet with the registrar so I headed off, grabbed a long lens and waited to get a good few casual walking shots. In these couple the boys are teasing Martin about his final moments as a single guy yet (as you can see in the b/w photo) Martin was strolling along without a care in the world.



So with about 10 minutes to wait I was running back and forth like a jack rabbit wanting to get shots of Kayleigh arriving but also wanting to get the final few shots of Martin as a single guy – This I think is one of my favorite shots of Martin, I think he just realized that in a few minutes he is getting married !!!!


I feel for Jamie the best man here – I shot Jamies wedding a few years ago and I think he looked more nurvous at Martins wedding than at his own.

Anway shortly after taking this shot I was waiting outside when Kayleigh arrived.

I think its fair to say Kayleigh made an impression the second the car turned up !!!!! – I dont know how many people saw it and more importantly I dont know how they got it down the lanes but WOW – take a peek at this


Now the family and friends will know what I am talking about here but for other visitors please dont take this the wrong way. As a photographer who has shot hundreds of weddings you know when you meet a bride that she will look amazing on her day and you build up an idea about how she will look, the dress etc – but Kayleigh out did my estimation by about 500 %

Kayleigh looked amazing and where she got that hair from I will never know – I have only ever seen her with slicked back hair so I was stunned by just how beautiful and radiant she looked as she stepped from the limo


and for someone who had said to me she hated having her photo taken you would never have guessed from the way presented herself and allowed me to snap away. In this shot Kayleigh is looking at Fred who runs the Gelli Fawr hotel, we were about 2 minutes away from the wedding starting so I grabbed a couple of quick shots and then headed back inside to get ready for her walking in.


When I got back into the wedding room, I noticed that Martin was sitting there starting to look a tad nervous and twiddling his thumbs !


Then it was a very proud moment for Kayleigh as her mother walked her down the aisle.


and the huge smile when she see’s her man !


Here are a few pics taken during the service and the signing of the register




This shot was taken from the back of the room during the actual signing, I love the interaction between the two of them



The its run for the hills time !


and I love this shot, its one of those special moments you cant pose you just have to be in the right place at the right time


Following a brief welcome line inside it was outside for a few casual photos and a bit of enjoyment, I only shot a few formal photos as the rest were just casual grabs while people milled about together.


Wayne and MJ



I just love the following three photos, this is what weddings should be all about, being in love and having a good time !!!!




and I love the two little girls in these photos. One of the great things about being a photographer is seeing the same people months and years apart. I had shot both of these girls at Roslynd’s wedding and I was amazed at how much they had grown up and just how gorgeous they looked.



Following around 1/2 an hour of casual photos Martin and Keyleigh slipped away with me, Wayne and Keith to pop down to Pentre Ifan (the burial chamber) to shoot a few nice romantic photos.








and then just as we were leaving, Keith and Wayne decided that they didnt like the fact they were not in the photos and just as I was going to shoot a pic, jumped in


and I love this shot of the couple leaving Pentre Ifan


So with the afternoon ticking along at a nice steady pace, I mooched around looking for some nice people shots, and came across this


and got a shot of Martin with his best man – Who the second the wedding was over changed quicker than a jack rabbit


Then there was a little break before the night time kicked off, which was preceded with the cutting of the cake



Then it was time for the pig roast and for the night time fun to begin


Martin and Kayleigh had a great duo singing on the night time, they were called vision


and naturally when the night time starts there is always the first dance



and I just LOVE this shot


and naturally once the couple hit the dance floor everyone else joins in – especially the kids





Then just as I was leaving I came across these lads outside, seeing my cameras they insisted I take a shot – my last photo of the day.


It was a fantastic day, one I really enjoyed. The wedding was fun, relaxed, emotion filled and a great time was had by all – Good luck Martin and Kayleigh and thanks for choosing me to be a part of your day, I hope you like and enjoy your wedding photos and that they bring back many happy memories of your fantastic day.



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Kayleigh REESSeptember 8, 2009 - 8:14 am

Hi david, just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing a fantastic job on our photos, you really took in what we said we wanted and you done us some amazing photos that i no in 10 and 20 years time we’ll look back through and remeber our day perfectly. And wow never knew me and martin could look so good in a photo, as you know were not big fans of them. But you made us feel really relaxed, you were more like a guest than a photographer and we really cant thank you enough.

collette johnsonSeptember 8, 2009 - 4:58 pm

The photos are absolutely stunning can see why you had so much trouble in choosing them am looking forward to the whole bunch

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