The wedding of Louise and Gareth at Buckland Hall, Brecon, Wales

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***** UPDATE JANUARY 2010 ****

I have just put up a slideshow of the wedding album – you can see the finished album by clicking here

END OF UPDATE – But still look at the full story below 🙂

I had been looking forward to Louise and Gareths wedding from the second I received the email all about the exciting wedding they had planned.  I often work with clients who book me months before ever meeting me however because they are based miles away from Pembrokeshire (where I live) but this was a little bit of a different – The couple were based in Dubai and were planning the whole wedding from over there !

Well a few weeks later they made a quick trip to Wales and I met up with them in Swansea.  Gareth and Louise told me all about the plans and it sounded just FAB, right down to the pink tequila they were using for the toasts (this should tell you a big party was in store that night)

So shoot forward a good few months and its time for me to make my way to the fabulous Buckland Hall in Brecon, this was the first of my weddings as Buckland hall and OH BOY what an amazing venue


The whole theme was a reflection of the couples travels around the world, and as soon as you walked thru the door you were greeted with signs that culture and detail are very important to Gareth and Louise.


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So with Louise and Gareth talking over the whole venue I set about finding the couple, Louise was at one end of the building and Gareth was at the other end so I kept poppping back and forth to get them both getting ready.

*** I should point out here that I normally cull the images down to about 40 for the blog story but when I did my first cut I ended up with over 140 photos ! – it took me hours to finally get the selection down to 50 ! – that means there are some huge gaps and I cut out a lot of traditional pictures to concentrate on the details the couple put into the day so as we jump about stick with me its worth it and if I missed your favorites out – sorry ! ***

Okay back to the important stuff, Louise had chosen a magnificent wedding dress, the detail on the dress was fantastic and I have in various photos tried to capture it all – you will see it in its full glory throughout this story.



so while the girls were doing the hair and makeup (pictures I have cut) I popped off down to grab a few pictures of Gareth and the boys getting ready



and I love this shot, this is the kind of shot that combines fashion and art, the spray is real and this shot was pretty much taken as it happened, all I did was move Gareth into the right place for the light as he grabbed his aftershave.


and while all this was going on, Louise’s dad was getting dressed !


Shortly after this I popped back down to Louise’s room and watched her open a present from Gareth, (again for space reason the pics of the opening are missing) He had carefully wrapped up an elegant bottle of perfume and written a lovely note to accompany it.


Then it was time for Louise to slip into her dress so I turned my back until she had climbed in and then snapped a couple of shot of mum zipping her up


While this was going on dad was waiting outside on the landing


and once she was dressed it was time for dad to see the bride, I love the shots of dad when he see’s his little girl dressed up ready to get married, its always a special time.


and then it was the turn of this little fella, he had a very important job on the day which he carried out to prefection, the ring bearer


so with everyone assembled downstairs in the magnificant ball room it there were only a few seconds left for me to take a couple of dad and louise photos before they made their way down.


and this is another of my favorite shots from the day, here dad and Louise are watching the bridesmaids getting ready to head down, totally natural shot, not a posed pic !


The stairs at Buckland hall are fantastic, its a center staircase that splits into two 1/2 way up, and Louise walked down one side and dad down the other, they met in the middle and headed down the stairs to be greeted by the guests



and the view from the top of the stairs at Buckland Hall


only a couple of shots from the wedding (but there are LOADS and LOADS)



I think its easy to see the love and passion Gareth and Louise friends and family have for them and the joy they felt at the wedding.  This young lady, one of the bridesmaids was overwhelmed with emotion and could not do her reading however the registrar stepped in, I counted over a dozen girls crying during the actual wedding !  such love and feeling.


With the wedding complete there were a couple of formals to be shot, here is the signing of the register photo


then before we did the big group shot (which we shot on the stairs) the couple walked off  up the stairs to allow everyone to get ready


The group shot – this took a little bit of lighting, there are actually 3 flash lights lighting everyone on the stairs and the couple at the front.


Then it was outside for the confetti shot which Buckland Hall were okay with being right outside the front door


Then it was time to start earning my money 🙂  The light was changing ever few seconds with bright sunshine and then clouds so it was a challenge but one I really enjoyed ! – I shot a few formals but not many (bride and grooms request) and then we goofed about and created some really nice, fun, relaxed photos.





then I grabbed a little playtime with the bride and groom



I should at this point send a big shout out to the bridesmaids who stayed with us the whole time and who helped with Louise’s dress, it makes such a difference when I get to concentrate on taking pictures and don’t have to worry about the dress not looking amazing.

then I got to play a little bit with Louise on her own for 5 minutes and again I should send a big thank you to you (Louise)  – the reason for the big thanks is the grass was wet as it had been raining on and off throughout the day.

I LOVE THIS SHOT and what I love about it is Louise’s hair, just as I was about to take the photo the wind whipped up and blew it across her face


and this is another of my favorites from the day


and then I grabbed a couple of ring shots


then all too soon (for me as I was having a blast with the whole family) it was time to head in for the reception.


The happy couple toasting away with the aforementioned pink tequila


and the mark of a great father of the brides speech – a tear in the brides eyes


and then more tears but not from the bride 🙂


Again I think its a testament to the couple just how moved their friends and family were – I only see this level of emotion a few times each year !!!!!

but lets end the reception pics with something just a little bit more fun – Louise having a blast !


Then before the night time started I managed to grab an hour or so with the happy couple so we headed off into the countryside near to Buckland Hall and we just goofed about shooting fun photos – here are 3 of my favorites




and as you can see at this point the sun was going down fast so we headed back to Buckland Hall and I grabbed just a couple more photos before the sun was lost for the day



Then it was inside for the the first dance and to start the night off properly


The music that night was supplied by a great band (who’s name I never got – I will update it once Louise and Gareth let me know)


and the band was fantastic, the guests really seemed to have a great time !




and normally I try to end the stories with a special photo, something really special and I think I have found the prefect one for Louise and Gareths wedding story.

This fella is famous and has had adventures all over I am led to believe, I never caught his name but I am sure I will be told pretty soon 🙂

To keep you in suspense just a little bit longer, let me just end this by saying

Congratulations to Louise and Gareth, this wedding was memorable for me in many ways and I am still recovering from the day but what a FANTASTIC Wedding, what great people – I know you guys will be really happy together,  I hoped you enjoyed this little preview of your wedding photos.  I know you have seen them all already but now you can share them with the world !

On behlaf of Nikki, Joshua, Soukie and myself, THANKS so much for choosing me to capture your special day, talk to you really soon,

Oh – here he is 🙂




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Gareth and LouiseAugust 23, 2009 - 9:49 pm

Wow! Wow! and Wow! again! The pics of our wedding day are all we ever hoped for and more. You captured all the special moments of our day and brought it to life through your fantastic shots. These really are photographs that we will treasure forever.

David you were a star on the day – a true professional! Many of our family, friends and Martin (owner of Buckland Hall) commented on how marvellous you were and we agree!

Many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts, we are very happy 🙂

Gareth and Louise x

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