Haverfordwest County Show photos – not a lot of people know that…….

Hey guys,

Just thought I would update you a little on my week, this week the Haverfordwest County Show is on at the Withybush showground in Haverfordwest.  Radio Pembrokeshire have asked me to be their official photographer and cover the show for them for the whole 3 days so this week I am going back to my old roots – A press photographer !!!!!

This is my second round of being a Wedding and Portrait photographer, years ago I shot weddings for about 6 years  back in the 90’s but gave it up to concentrate on becoming a press photographer, I covered mainly sports, spot news (breaking stories) and concerts.  Since moving to West Wales I have formed a strong relationship with Radio Pembrokeshire mainly covering Charity events for them.  Radio Pembrokeshire is a very strong local station and is all about the community and does lots of charity events or charity sponsored events which I am always willing to help out with at no cost, its one of the  ways I can give back something using the skills I am lucky enough to have.

Since my love is weddings and portraits the press side is something I have been keeping to a minimum  (I do get a lot of requests to cover various press events as I am still listed as a freelance press photographer covering south wales and west wales however unless its a high ranking royal visit or something else very special I prefer to decline the work and concentrate on my love – Weddings and Portraits.

So when a few weeks ago I was asked to cover the show for them, I surprised myself by saying yes – I decided why the hell not, after all I would get to shoot show jumping and the Radio Pembrokeshire Talent Show – two areas that I really  enjoyed as a press photographer, sports and concert  photography.   It’s only a 3 day gig and is a little bit of an escape from weddings which is CRAZY each and every August,  for example this year I am shooting 11 weddings this month ! – Next year is filling up fast for August already.

So today I was picked up by Wayne from Explosive Production on his new super duper quad bike (never been on one before) and we headed off to the show.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from day 1 – just a little bit of the robot, show jumping and the talent show – that and me following Jim from Radio Pembrokeshire around while he interviewed people live on the radio.


Naturally with my love of food I loved this stand


Here Jim is interviewing Welsh Assembly Government Minister Elin Jones,  Minister for Rural Affairs


The Robot



Show jumping







The Talent Show




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Mike PattersonAugust 18, 2009 - 9:34 pm

I defo want one of those robots, do they come in any other shade of colour?? hahaha

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