Lisa and Liam’s Wedding – intimate wedding in St Davids

Hey guys, David here from – I am a specialist wedding and portrait photographer based in West Wales however I do cover the whole of wales especially South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol – I even travel to Scotland and Ireland 🙂 – I specialize in relaxed, informal, modern, stylish photography with a touch of fashion and a lot of flair !

Today I had the GREAT pleasure of shooting one of the funnest weddings I have shot for a long time.  Lisa and Liam first came to visit me several months back and we just connected – I really like it when I have a connection with my clients as I know we are both thinking the same things and our joint goal is the couple getting some fantastic wedding photos.

This was a small intimate wedding and I only spent a few hours with the couple however in that time I feel I have managed to capture the real spirit of the day and the excitement and love the couple share for each other.

Okay lets start, this story is a little different to most, for starters I visited with Liam for a few pics of him getting ready, what made this fun was the fact that Liam was staying on one of St Davids magnificent caravan sites and was getting ready in a caravan – a first for me.  The light inside the caravan was fantastic from my point of view so I set about shooting a few pics.


as you can see from the following picture Liam was pretty chilled and I could tell from the clothes that this was going to be quite a laid back day but one that would make for nice light and airy photos.



and once Fin was dressed I managed to snap this mirror shot of him


The funny thing about being in a caravan is the lack of space I had to move around in but also everything I would want to shoot was there, you  just had to look and if you looked hard enough you would find things tho shoot.  I noticed that Lisa had left Liam a little list of thing to do before getting married 🙂 – reminded me of Mrs P, without her I would forget my head some days.


and I loved  this touch, this was a drawing Fin had done of Lisa and Liam and how they would look on their wedding day – so cute !


Well once I had filled my boots with shots of Liam getting ready I headed over to Warpool Court Hotel in St Davids to get a few pictures of the bride getting ready.  I really enjoy shooting weddings at Warpool Court the building is a haven for fantastic locations for photos, the grounds are magnificent and the staff are so eger to please that any request no matter how big or small is never refused.  Its also a great hotel so if your visiting the area check out their website at

Since I am rushing to get the story online tonight for the couple I have missed off the hotel pics but you will see more if it soon !

So up I go to room 20 and I find Lisa trying on her Welly boots just incase of bad weather (no need)


and a tell tale sign the day is already going with a bang was the smiles and giggles being shared by all the girls (or that could have been the fact I had my fly undone  – sorry guys) so shortly after I arrived the bubbly was popped (I graciously declined a drink but it was nice to be offered) and set about shooting a few pictures.


Lisa had chosen a simple but beautiful white dress for her wedding – this was not your traditional wedding so its not a wedding dress but it was fantastic and the detail on it was incredible (I did get photos of the details for the couple but they are missing from here for time sake)


and then Lisa set about getting dressed, once she had put the dress on, I took advantage of the amazing light that was spilling into the room to shoot a few photos of Lisa just before she was due to get married.  Lisa is stunningly beautiful woman with a personality to match – (Liam, your a lucky fella) – Lisa had said to me earlier when I arrived that she was a little camera shy but I think you will have to agree The camera just ate her up and I could not take a bad photo of her – here are a few





and talking about flowers Lisa’s friend had made the arrangements which were supurb so I pinched her ring and shot a quick detail shot


and here are a few shots of the girls



then the moment of truth, time for the wedding service – here Lisa is walking down the aisle  with her two children


and as soon as the couple got together they held hands in a very loving way !


and I love this next photo, its not the best in technical terms, list is a little out of focus and a little off to the right but I was trying to take a discrete  photo of Liam who was having a little difficulty getting his words out, it was such a lovely moment that I did not want to move to spoil it.


so after the wedding came the signing of the register shots, I am SO PLEASED with these photos, the light at Warpool Court Hotel is amazing thanks to the HUGE windows and doors all around the venue and its proximity to the ocean – this created the perfect light for what I think is an amazing signing photo.


then it was a very quick walk down the aisle as husband and wife, there were only 13 people including the bride and groom so the aisle consisted of only two rows but Liam and Lisa still marched down it, proud as punch and looking about as happy as two people can look


Then we all went outside for a few group photos






and following this I took the couple off by themselves for a few just the two of them photos – this gives the couple a few minutes to enjoy just being married by themselves – well themselves and me 🙂




and the entrance to the secret garden 🙂



and a shot of the couple walking back towards the hotel


and with Warpool Court Hotel in the background


Then it was back to the hotel for a final few photos, after which Lisa and Liam insisted I share a drink of champers with them, so thanks guys,

Here is the last picture of the day


and that was that, my short time with the couple was over, they were off to dinner and I was heading home to get a few pics online for them for tonight 🙂  bingo – made it !

I would just like to wish Liam and Lisa all the very best, I would also like to thank both of you guys for choosing me to be a part if this really magical day – you guys rock !

take care, talk to you soon,



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more soon,



Lisa and LiamAugust 13, 2009 - 8:59 am

Morning David,
Just had a look at the pictures you took of our special day.
They are ammmmazzzzing!!
Thank you so much for catching the mood and the moment so brilliantly.
Thanks also for your laid back and very professional handling of the wedding day.
We will be recommending you to everyone!!!
You rock also!!

Speak soon
Lisa and Liam Sullivan!!

Alex DentonAugust 13, 2009 - 6:13 pm

What wonderful pictures. With a bride as beautiful as Lisa, Liam must be as proud as punch. They are a fantastic couple as you showed. Im honoured to know Lisa and cant wait to find out how their fairtale progresses.

Congrats both im soooo happy for you,xXx

Alex Jason and girls

Win &AubreySullivan,August 13, 2009 - 8:13 pm

Having watched you at work, your professionalism and manner, putting everyone at their ease plus the quality of your images deserves maximum praise.

Brendan & MarjorieAugust 14, 2009 - 2:50 am

Looks like a great day. Very much enjoyed the pictures and narration that helped us be there.

Kyra sullivanAugust 15, 2009 - 9:50 am

I love the pictures. The camera is amazing, its so clear!!
Lisa and daddy looked really nice in the pictures. 🙂

Jackie MorganAugust 16, 2009 - 4:16 pm

Wonderful photographs of my beautiful cousin Lisa and her Liam.
Wishing them all the happiness in the world

Becky HuntleyAugust 16, 2009 - 8:17 pm

Looks like a wonderful day caught in these amazing photos.After knowing Lisa for a long time, it’s lovely to see her looking so happy (and stunningly beautiful) – brought a huge lump to my throat. Bec and Sophie xxx

rachel rawickiAugust 18, 2009 - 7:13 am

Wow , these are THE best wedding photos I have ever seen , so relaxed . Looks like a wonderful day , best wishes to all .

molly (kyra's friendAugust 20, 2009 - 6:32 pm

congragulations!! love the pics. you 2 look lovely. Molly.

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