Phil and Orinda’s Wedding – not a sneak peek !

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Enjoy !

Okay from the moment Phil and Orinda turned up a couple of weeks before the wedding I knew this was going to be different, just listening to Orinda speaking about the plans for her big day was fantastic. Immediately following the wedding there was going to be an old fashioned tea party !! yep the kind you would see a mad hatter and a giant rabbit at – fine china, lots of cakes etc – and if that was not good enough in itself the details just got better and better.

If your a bit of a blog stalker you will know I am not your traditional type of photographer, I like things that are just that little bit different so for 2 weeks I was all excited and could not wait.

I also knew from that meeting that attention to detail was very high on Phil & Orinda’s list of priorities – The hand drawn map Orinda had painstakingly drawn just highlighted it – so with all this in mind, I arrived at St Llawddog’s Church to be met by a beaming groom looking all excited to be getting married in around an hours time.


and soon after four of the cutest flower girls you ever did see arrived each looking like little princesses and all showing signs of being very excited.


So with this being the first of my weddings at St Llawddogs Church I wanted to get lots of establishing shots so wondered off and started shooting the grounds etc.  When I returned to the front of the church this lovley lady had set up next to the entrance to the church and was playing music for the guests as they arrived – another one of those special little touches that Phil and Orinda put into their day.


Now you would think with 40 pictures going into this blog entry that I would not be moving at a very fast pace but YOUR WRONG – and as the post goes on you will see why !

We jump now to Orinda arriving in the back of one of my favorite cards, an old Jaguar – gotta love those cats……

Here she is sat next to her dad and he was a proud looking fella all day long.



So once everything was sorted out and everyone was in the church Orinda was escorted to the entrance of the church – now I would like to THANK THE VICAR at this time, this guy was the best vicar I have worked with in a VERY long time, he made the day go amazingly well which led to some amazing photos – I wish all vicars were as chilled and accommodating as this one – as I told him on the day – he was  ‘the man’ – Thanks much !!!!!!


And the proud moment for dad as he walked Orinda down the aisle


which gave eveyrone the chance to view the back of Orinda’s amazing wedding dress !!!!!


so I quickly grabbed a shot of everyone from the back of the church before running around the outside of the church to sneak in the back door (seems strange) to be at the front of the church.


and a view from the front of the church (my view)


This next shot is one of those moments that you just had to be there for – as you can imagine I have been to hundreds of weddings and have seen some pretty funny things but as you can see from everyone here, what Phil did seconds before this photo was taken had everyone in stitches – I have never seen a groom so eager to be married 🙂


and from my vantage point I managed to get some great shots of Orinda


I always keep an eye out looking for shots that will make great story telling moments in the album or shots that just capture that special moment – here are 3 such photos.

I love this young ladies expression – this shot was captured during the service.


and not to be out done, I think this shot is just as strong and is another shot I love


But its this shot that I just LOVE TO BITS – I think this could be my favorite wedding photo of 2009 so far


Oh, I love that pic – thanks guys 🙂

Okay back to the wedding, well the signing of the register to be exact – I like the take charge look Phil is exhibiting here – you go Phil !


and following the signing the bride and groom had arranged for a special musical treat for their guests – I cant remember (bad photographer) this chaps name but as soon as Phil and Orinda read this I am sure they will email me and I can correct it.


Now we jump outside and go right to the confetti shot – again attention to detail – There were cones of confetti waiting for everyone once the exited the church.


which made for some good confetti photos


and another shot I love due mostly to Orinda’s expression is this one – normally this would be an outtake but I think its priceless


One of the things and one of the reasons I love photographing weddings so much is the people you meet – Weddings bring together generations and pretty much 100% of the time everyone had a great time which means as a photographer I get to photograph some great expressions and reactions – the next photo is a really good example of this.  I like to think that in the years to come people will look at this photo and remember just how much fun they had on that day. I think you can see the love in his face in this photo.


From here we jump to the tea party 🙂 – I left the church before the bride and groom so did the car shot outside Penboyr Church Hall where the tea party was taking place. – I wanted to get there to get the detail shots that follow the car shot.






and again, its the little touches that make the difference in my humble opinion – the tea party was presented to perfection


I was very pleased when the bride and groom invited me to join in the party and I enjoyed a cup of tea with the couple and a few sandwiches – I left the cakes for the guests 😉

After the tea party was over it was into the cars for the 45 minute drive to the Nant y Ffin Hotel located in Llanddissillio


where yet again the attention to detail the couple had put in was second to none.

The room looked fantastic – I shoot a lot of weddings at Nant-y-Ffin hotel and this was one of, if not the best I have ever seen the room looking.


and all the ladies had personalized favors waiting for them


and as the guests started to arrive, the bucks fizz was flowing pretty well


after the guests had all arrived and before we went outside for some photos there was a magical moment – Orinda joined in with the band and started to sing a song – Diamonds are a girls best friend I think it was


I remember Phil coming over to me later in the day and saying something along the lines of – ‘part of the reason I love Orinda so much is she keeps doing spontaneous little things like singing that song – I never know what to expect from her’  I thought that was so romantic to hear a guy saying something like that was amazing.

Well we went outside from there to do some photos, I wont show you many, we shot loads but there are a few that I would like to share with you,

First the group shot – I like this one because I have never done this before – Yes I shoot group shots all the time and normally its from a hotel room upstairs where I hang out the window or something but we could not do that here so I put my camera, lens and flash on a light stand (a device for holding photography lights) and raised it up to about 18 feet off the ground – I pre focused it, put it on the timer because my remote control packed in 1/2 way through setting it up 🙁  and shot a few pictures, it took about 5 takes to get it right but it was a very rewarding moment for me – something totally new that I had never done before.


and then one of the best parts of the day for me as a photographer, the moment when I get photograph   not only the gorgeous bride but all of her beautiful friends as well. – The Hen / Girls shot


then a couple of shots with just the bride and groom and also a playful shot of Orinda where I exploited that magnificent veil of hers



so once I had finished with the outside photos, I took a mad 5 minutes to run around the hotel to see if I could find anything I had missed and YES, The kids, the children had their own play area and were having a great time.


Once I finished mooching around the hotel I went back to find the bride and groom and whisked them away for a cutting of the cake photo.


and a close up


Well my time was running out, I was only with the couple till the sit down wedding breakfast but I had – had the time of my life – it only left one photo for me to get and what was a ring shot.  I had asked Phil and Orinda before hand if they would mind taking their rings off after the wedding and letting me snap a few photos, so with rings in hand, I used Orinda’s bouquet as well and set about shooting a nice detail shot for the album


Well my friends and blog stalkers, that’s the story of Phil and Orinda’s big day as seen thru my lens – I hope you have enjoyed it.

All it leaves me to do is to congratulate the happy couple once again, Phil, Orinda, CONGRATULATIONS guys, your day was a blast and I had a great time – hope you like the pictures.   Talk to you guys when you get home, enjoy your time away.



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Phil & OrindaAugust 4, 2009 - 10:29 am

Hi David,

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, you’ve captured our day to perfection. We like the combination of natural and detailed shots and priceless moments, such as my eagerness to say ‘I will’!

We also like your personality and the way you put our guests at ease throughout the day, which shows through in the blog.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos on our return from honeymoon


Mr & Mrs Roberts

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