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Okay this is going to be a MONSTER of a blog entry ! – It was almost  a year ago that I first went to visit with the couple and the brides parents – yes that right I still go visit prospective clients if they cannot get to me I go see them.  Well as I was bouncing down the drive way towards the house I knew this was going to be anything but an ordinary  wedding.  Following our meeting and many cups of tea that the MOB (mother of the bride) made me I left hoping I was the chosen wedding photographer for this wedding – The plans were spectacular, the couple were cute and they were up for some arty shots around Cenarth – I waited for the phone call and it came a few days later…………

Jump forward about a year and its Hannah & Jacks big day – I arrived early to make sure I got great establishing shots and I wanted to get shots of the ground and the house before guests started turning up.  As ever the hospitality of Mr & Mrs S was outstanding and before I could even snap a shot I had a drink in my hand.  I always get humbled when on their big day the MOB & FOB remember to think about me because lets face it, I am just one of the hired help for the day.

So with drink in hand, I set up my gear and start to walk the grounds to get my shots.

The house from the other side of the lake.


I had visited with the family the week before to get my bearings of the house etc, so with kind permission I started mooching around the house looking for those little detail shots that add so much to an album and lift it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.    I entered the kitchen and was instantly taken aback by the quality of light spilling thru the windows – on the table was the signs that the morning has started in style !


A few minutes later the flowers arrived and I snapped the brides bouquet.


A little while later while I was still hanging out in the kitchen Dad came out to get his button hole – I remember Dad saying that he would be amazed if I got a good shot of him as he never takes a good picture – Well Mr S I hope your happy !


and while this was happening I noticed that Dad had FOB cuff links on, naturally I had to grab a shot


Then it was time to sneak upstairs and start grabbing a few shots of the bride getting ready.  Naturally I always get someone to check the bride is decent before I go bounding in – and once the coast was clear I tried to melt into the background and shoot a few pictures of Hannah having her hair and makeup done.




Then while Hannah is finishing off with her hair and makeup I go get the all important wedding dress photos.  Hannah had gone with a magnificent Ian Stuart Wedding Dress and it was beautiful just on the hanger alone.



The Mum came to help Hannah get ready, these are always special moments for the bride on her day and I always like to get shots of the bride getting into her dress and her attendants helping her.



and then mum helped Hannah pop on her necklace which was a very delicate but beautiful piece.



Once Hannah was ready Mum asked if I would get a shot of the bride coming down the stairs


The it was out the front door into the daylight for a few pictures with Dad and the girls




Then there was time for just one more photo of the bride before heading down to Cenarth for the actual wedding itself.


Upon arriving at the church I hunted out Jack and his best man


soon after this shot was taken I headed up to the gate at the top of Cenarth Church and waited for the bridal party to arrive, while I was there a couple of paige boys came up to keep me company – naturally I took my opportunity to snap a couple of quick portraits thinking that mum and dad may like these.



Then the car pulled up (I have decided not to show the cars but show shots from inside instead)


and then Mr S started to Walk Hannah towards the church


Then its showtime and time for me to start to really earn my money – The church shots are some of the most important shots you take on the wedding day and making sure you get them without flash or without disturbing anyone is a little bit of a challenge but one I relish each weekend !



and the reading


While I was taking this shot I noticed out the corner of my eye one of the parents taking one of the flower girls outside – I decided to take a quick peek in case there was a photo opportunity and boy was I in luck.


Then back inside for the signing of the register shots – while walking towards the front of the church I noticed one of the guests picking up their camera so waited and held back just a little thinking again I would get a nice ‘candid’ detail shot for the story book wedding album (they are called that because the really do tell the story)



Then it was outside and for once a church that allows confetti inside the grounds – THANKS 🙂


Then the guests were all transported back to Hannah’s parents house while I got a quite 30 minutes with the couple – we WALKED !!! – yes the short little fat photographer can walk !

So as I was saying we walked down to Cenarth Falls to do a few shots by the waterfalls – naturally I ran on ahead and snapped away as Hannah and Jack took a nice stroll down the hill, past the pub, across the bridge and then into the car park.






Then it was back to the house for the reception to start – As you can see this has been a monster of a post – I could easily post another 30 or 40 photos from the reception however I am going to save them for the couple first ! – in the meantime here are just a couple.

The group shot with everyone sat on the deck by the lake outside the house.


One of the formals – Yes I do shoot formals but not a huge amount of them – people tend to choose me for the kind of photos you see above.  Here Hannah is pictures with HER HUSBAND and all the guys in the bridal party !


and  shot of the rings with Hannah’s flowers.


and last but not least here is a picture of Georgina Cornock – Harpist who entertained the guests before the wedding breakfast began.  I have had the pleasure of working alongside Georgina on several occasions and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the story of Hannah and Jacks wedding – it was truly a magnificant day.

I would like to congratulate the happy couple and wish them all the best.



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