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A couple of weeks back I posted the sneak peek at the wedding of Helen and John picked up a disk of all the images and I also put them up on my client proofing system for them to take a peek at.  I thought this would be a good time to share a few of my favorites with you.

The wedding took place at Mathry Village Church followed by the reception at The Beggars Reach Hotel, Burton in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.  This was a great day for many reasons and one of those being the fact I was shooting the wedding for a couple who are so deeply in love.  I struggled at points in the day to get a photo of the couple where they wernt kissing each other and it was great to see.  Helen & John really enjoyed their special day, their guests had a fantastic time and that meant that I had a fantastic time also – as you will see in in the pictures even the cows had a great time !

To save a little web realestate I have decided to do away with a huge running commentary on the photos and only give you a few key words to describe whats going on but I think the pictures will speak for themselves and tell the story of a GREAT day.

So without further adoo, here is the wedding of Helen and John as seen thru my camera. – Enjoy.

I arrived to be greated by the Gurad Cat – this cool little dude was wondering around looking like where have all these people come from.


This was one of the rare times when I turned up before the bride got home from the hairdressers.  I took the oppertunity to snap dad getting ready.



Then went out into the back garden and shot a few pictures of the boys and a couple of the bridesmaids.



and it was around this time that Helen come home, I know this because I was shooting the boys at the time and heard some screams (of delight) and generally the happy sounds you hear at weddings of the bride seeing her bridesmids all dressed up. – I turned around and shapped this.


Shortly after this I snuck upstairs (with permission naturally) and took a few shots of the dress, as I left the room where the dress was hanging I saw Helen looking into a mirror at the top of the stairs.



Shortly after this Helen’s mum came and helped her into her wedding dress



Then with all the formalities done and dusted, it was time to head off to the church.  In the following shot John is talking to the vicar before the wedding and was starting to look all nervous etc.


but he did not have to wait too long for Helens Dad walked her thru the doors of the amazing old church building and down the isle



Then my favorite part of the day to photograph, the service  itself.




and then I quickly sneaked outside to take a quick picture of Mathry Church just because it was magnificent


I waited outside after the wedding to get a good shot of the newly married happy couple leaving the church


and after the guests had left, we walked to the back of the church to take advantage of the ground and the lovely old building itself.




While we were doing this, the kids were playing james bond or war or something like that


Then we wend to the bottom of the path for the confetti shots



and one of my favorite photos of the day


The we popped back into the church while the guests left and shot a nice portrait inside the church


From here the happy couple made their way over to the Beggars Reach in style


Then at the Beggars I shot the formals quickly as possible as I wanted to concentrate on the couple having a great time.


and when your working on the formals it always helps to have one of the bridal party that knows eveyrone help you out, I was indeed helped byt his super cool dude who really shaved a good few minutes off te total shoot time by getting everyone ready for the next sots etc.


then I took the couple off to make great use of the simply stunning ground The Beggars has to offer.




Even the cows next door were watching this couple !




One of the things you have to do as a wedding photographer is keep your eyes open for little details etc and while I was taking my pictures just to my right there was a budding cameraman in the making.


then I quickly took the couple inside for the cake cutting photo



followed by just a ring shot


and just as we were leaving I noticed this young lad coluoring in at the head table.


Jus ta couple more photos, here is a family shot


and last but not least another of my favorite photos from the day.


It just leaves me to say a HUGE congratulations to Helen and John and to thank them for inviting me to be a part of the day – I hope they like the photos as much as I do, I was delighted with them.

Remember I am available for Weddings and Portraits throughout West and South Wales and the UK – just give me a bell if you have any questions.

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