The wedding of Llinos and Eurig

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This post is VERY different to my normal post because for the first time EVER, I could not make a wedding.  Following my mums heart attack etc I had to be in the midlands the day before the wedding of Llinos and Eurig and would not be able to get back for the wedding.

One question prospective brides always ask me is “what happens if you cant make the wedding or your get sick etc”  Until now my answer has been in all the years I have been shooting weddings I have never missed one and dont plan on it but if ever it did happen, I have a good group of fellow photographers that would drive to the ends of the earth to help me out and visa verse. – WELL GUESS WHAT.

I had known about 10 days before that I needed to be in the midlands the day before Llinos and Eurig’s wedding and called them and emailed them right away and proposed that I use an alternative photographer – I showed them some of Tims work and they happily agreed.

When I said that the photographers would drive to the ends of the earth to make sure David Purslow Photography (as a company) never misses a wedding I was not kidding.  Poor old Tim lives the totally other side of the country in Debenham in Suffolk.  Tim’s company is called Tim Driver Photographer and his website is located at

So Tim actually set off Thrusday evening and completed his journey on Friday.  He went to visit with Llinos and Eurig (who he had spoken to before hand) and get the lay of the land.  This was also an all Welsh speaking wedding so would prove a little more challenging for Tim thatn a normal wedding – in terms on knowing the the bride and groom are going to kiss etc…..

Well Tim did a fantastic job and has received many plaudits from everyone from the vicar to the bride and groom – Tim’s photos had the bride in tears (OF JOY) when she saw them.

I think the bit Tim did not realize is that after the wedding he had to write the David Purslow Blog – My wedding story 🙂

So this is it in Tim’s Own words.


Photography by Tim Driver Photography & Post Productions by David Purslow Photography.

Hi – Tim here from – I’m writing this guest blog post for David as I photographed Llinos and Eurig’s wedding last week  as he had urgent family commitments, and had to be in the midlands.

I travelled to West Wales from Ipswich on the friday morning and had arranged to meet with the couple in the afternoon, and was given a tour of the locations for the wedding the next day so after a night on Davids floor I set off early to meet Llinos at the house beforehand.

I could not beleive the I was being offered sandwiches at 8am !! before anyone had started to get ready


The dress was beautiful and I could not resist a shot with the shoes in the foreground


There were loads of wedding related items in the house which kept me busy before Llinos started getting ready, then the girls started on the Bubbly !!





I had a good trip to the chapel at (WAITING FOR NAME FROM B&G) – thank goodness for satnav !!


The boys arrived in a bright Red Mk2 escort Rally car – which was absolutely immaculate and made for some great pictures




Llinos arrived shortly afterwards and looked very beautiful.



The Chapel itself was great full of light and although I did not understand a word of the ceremony managed to get some good pictures of the events.




Following the wedding we headed off just down the road to Cenarth Falls for a few nice bridal portraits next to the water falls.


Then it was off to the reception at  The Castell Malgwyn Hotel – wow a great venue – we dont have many like this in Suffolk as soon as we arrived the wedding cake was cut and distributed to be washed down with lashings of bee !!




Then I had my fun a chance to photograph the couple, rally car and fantastic grounds.




During this time the boys from the Rugby club had had some more beer and found a space  to play with their balls.



There was a great meal and more speeches than I have ever seen at a wedding – its amazing how wedding traditions vary across the UK.

Soon after the wedding breakfast a van pulled up outside with a hog roast on a trailor behind, it was amazing how quickly the smell attracted a crowd of willing volunteers to try out some crackling – And I’m pleased to say it did taste great.



The party soon moved indoors eith the first dance and a live band which soon had a large crowd onto the dancefloor.





I would love to take this opportunity to thank everbody at the wedding especially Llinos and Eurig for making me so welcome, The warmth and the fun of the big crowd shone through and I had a really great day. I really hope these pictures will be treasured for years to come.

To end the night off I took the couple outside for just one more photo and what a way to end the album.




I would like to thanks Tim from the bottom of my heart for covering this wedding for me – naturally the next time we go out dinner is on me – If you looking for a wedding photographer prepared to travel all over the UK, Tim is your man – be sure to visit his fantastic website at

So if you ever wondered what happend if your photographer cant make it – if you choose a professional he will have cover arranged !



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