Andrea & Mike’s Wedding

Hello there everyone, David here from – I am back in the land of the living and have a little catch up to do on my blog. Over the next week or so I have a whole host of weddings to post as well as some portraits etc – I have been running back and forth to the midlands but am now happy to report everything is going great up that way.

Okay onto Andrea & Mikes wedding which took place a few weeks ago. Andrea is a good friend of my wife Nikki and I was honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding. I knew it was going to be a great wedding with such a good looking couple and with them having their wedding reception at the Plas Hyfryd Hotel in Narberth Pembrokeshire. This was the first of my weddings at Plas Hyfryd this year and one I was really looking forward to – The day turned out FANTASTIC and the weather could not have been kinder to the couple.

As I am sure you will know if you stalk my blog, one of my favorite parts of the day is the bridal preparation and there are many reasons for this but the main 2 are first the groom never gets to see this special part of the day and the second reason is the bride really gets used to me being around and makes for first class wedding pictures later in the day.

So I arrived early in the morning at Andrea’s mums house and before I could even get in the door, a cup of tea was thrust in my hands – this is a great start to the day and one that makes for a very happy photographer – I set my tea to one side and start to hunt out the bride (I often refer to the bride and groom and the mother of the bride as just that so no offence is ment, it makes it easier for me when typing thats all) – I found Andrea sitting in the dining room already being pampered – The make up lady was a new one to me and is another friend of Andrea’s – because of this I went to town on the makeup pictures but boy o boy was it worth it.

Take a peek at these




The makeup lady worked overtime that morning because as you will see shortly Andrea had 6 bridesmaids, herself and her mum all to be done.

Here is another candid of one of the bridesmaids getting ready


While all the girls were getting ready I (with permission) sneaked around the house and snapped a few detail shots – these included all the bridesmainds dresses and the two flowergirls dresses also – but I wont show you that, instead I will show you a shot I took when I saw the dresses all in a line  – they made for an interesting pattern and one that could be a background for a page in the storybook wedding album.


and a few shots of the brides wedding dress – I have to say this dress looked stunning on the hanger let alone once the bride put it on – I took lots of detail shots because the dress is really pretty (I wonder if I can get Andrea to do a Trash the Dress ?)



I also took this down time to shoot a few other detail type photos, I love to play when at weddings and if I cant shoot the bride and groom I just find other interesting details that make up the day and start snapping away till I can get my hands back on the B&G

I had asked Andrea for her engagement ring knowing I always like to shoot a few pictures of it and for this shot I placed it with her perfume bottle – this is not a detail shot of the perfume bottle I took them also but this is an engagement ring photo


and last but not least I found the flowers and shot a few closeups of them – I was just loving the natural daylight that was streaming thru the windows that day, I knew the light would make my photos look good 🙂


So once I was happy I got my detail shots I went back downstairs and found the bride almost finished with her makeup and right next to her was her darling little girl Ella (need to check the spelling with mrs P but she is fast asleep in bed so thats a job for tomorrow !)


I remember when looking thru my camera and down the lens what amazing eyes Ella has.

Time was ticking along at a good pace now and the wedding cars started to arrive, I was pretty excited by this because one of the cars is the wedding car that Elizabeth Taylor used to get married to Richard Burton.

Here are the cars in all their glory – this was the brides car


The MOB (mother of the bride) – This is the Liz Taylor car


And the car for the bridesmaids – this car was super sweet !


So with it almost time to leave, it only left one thing to do, pop the bride into her dress

Mum helped do it up and that was no easy task let me tell you – I love the look in Andrea’s face here, its the look most brides get when the suddenly realize that they are actually getting married in a very short while – This is one of the photos I think the grooms really need to see and one of the pictures that capture the emotions of your wedding day.


Followed by a quick bridal portrait – I love bridal portrait photography, I would have liked to do a few shots outside but we were running out of time so I snagged this one in the bedroom.


and the finishing touch, the perfume


Since there are some great shots of the bride and groom later, I decided to skip the shots of the groom at the church on the blog, I took them am just skipping them for the time being here.

So here we are at the church with a couple of shots, first a shot inside the wedding car with Andrea and her dad, then Andrea’s dad walking her into the church



Inside the church I did my normal range of photos throughout the service and again am skipping most of them as I want to share with you some of the more interesting photos from the couples day.

Here is the high alter shot


Then we jump to the signing of the register photos and I love this one as its part wedding photography and part family portrait photography.


and while I was at the back of the church I noticed this – and NO, its not a case of the fat boy spotting the food – its a tradition in Wales, these are Welsh Cakes


and YES they tasted as good at they looked 🙂

Okay, we jump to outside now for a couple of the formal’s – I love these photos as they show off just how nice a location the bride and groom had picked to get married at….



following the formals it was all into the car’s and the guests all left for the Hotel Plas Hyfryd in Narberth for the wedding rectption but secretly I took Andrea and Mike around town for a few photos and alittle bit of quality alone time – by the time we got to the first location (Narberth Castle) the bride and groom had finished the bottle of champaign that had been given to them in the car – this made for even more co-opertive photography subjects as if that was possible.  Andrea and Mike made for fantastic clients and ones who valued getting something a little different in terms of wedding photography.

So we arrived at Narberth Castle and the bride and groom go off and play for a while – with a little direction from me 🙂




From the castle we jump back into the cars and then drive off to a fantastic little resturante called The Carreg which is owned by a friend of mine – Ian had said we could do some photos around the place so we stopped there for a few minutes, we were now cutting it close to the sitdown time at the Plas Hyfryd but we had 15 minutes.

This is at the front of the alley to the courtyard there



Then we darted around back where the enclosed courtyard coffee bar is located and supprised a load of people having lunch and coffee behind the resturante


after this it was a mad dash to the Plas Hyfred country hotel just down the road


And while the guests (Nikki and I were invited guests but I wanted to be out of the room as I did a slideshow presentation in the evening and I needed computer time) ate dinner I offloaded my pictures from the first half of the day and then built a slide show of around 150 photos to run for the evening guests.  I also took the chance to scout locations for a few more interesting photos after dinner.

The next photo is really an outtake photo but I JUST HAD to include it – during the speech of the father of the bride I noticed flames !!!!! coming from Mikes general area – Thats right flames ! – well if you take a peek at the picture Mike got his speach a little too close to the candels on the table and pooof up it went – this made for some interesting adlibbing during his actual speach – I dont know if it was planned or not but it made for a fantastic few monents of laughter etc……



well after the speeches I took Mike and Andrea off for a few more alone pictures and I just LOVE this one, taken on the spiral staircase in the hotel


Then it was the cutting of the cake shots


and something a little bit different for the boys to end off the formal side of the photography – by now the guys were pretty ‘merry’ to say the least so when I suggested they sit up on the wall over a 12ft drop they were all up for it and even trying to push each other off ! – again I like this shot, its something different and its an actual moment not a staged, posed photo that has no special meaning.


Yes this was an amazing wedding and a very special day. I want to wish Andrea and Mike all the best and to say thank you for choosing me to be a part of your big day, it means a lot to me when people choose me, it means even more when friends and family choose me !

To end things off, the obligatory first dance photo





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