Soukie’s First Portrait

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1 Week ago Nikki (my bride) and I had our second baby, we called her Soukie May – see posts a few below this for her full birth information.

Well today, 1 week on I got to shoot my first proper pictures of her. We picked today because Joshua goes to nursery 2 half days per week and we thought this would give us enough time to do what we needed – WRONG.

The idea is, get the baby well fed, and then let them sleep while you shoot your portraits – Soukie was having none of it which meant that I only managed to grab a few shots before she decided to excersise her lungs again ! – she was doing that at 3am today as well.

As luck would have it, by the time I had to leave to go pick up ‘The Boy’ (Joshua) Soukie started to get all sleepy – and when I got back 1/2 hour later, yep you guessed it – she was fast asleep right where I had wanted to do the pictures but the background etc had been taken down because the boy arrived  home adn would have made straight for it.

So here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy.

Remember I offer a full mobile Portrait photogrphy service and am looking for a few models (aged between 1 and 14 days) to try a few things out on – so if your in market for portraits, give me a bell – 01437 779412 or drop me a line at








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TaylorMay 23, 2009 - 7:23 pm

Amazing 😀

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