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As 2009 kicks off to a flying start, I thought I would share a few images with you from my trip to Venice.  I went to Venice in October to learn from one of the greatest wedding photographers in the world.  Yervant is someone who I have studied and followed for years, I have his entire collection of tutorial DVD’s, watched all his documentary movies etc and even read his book but being there and learning from the master himself was something special for me.

I went to Venice because I feel the UK wedding photography market is ready for something just a little bit more special, I think UK brides are ready to take their albums to the next level.  Traditionally wedding albums have always been about the bride and groom, the whole day and the whole family as well, that’s what I shoot week in and week out and there is nothing at all wrong with it in fact it’s exactly what everyone wants and expects BECAUSE they know no difference – until now !.

So what is the next level, well it’s what American and Australian couples have been doing for the last few years, often there are two albums, a traditional wedding album just as described above and then a fine art album just focusing on the bride and groom.  The best a bride will ever look is normally her wedding day, having spent many hundreds or even thousands of pounds on the perfect dress, the makeup, the hair, the nails, the shoes, the jewelry and not forgetting that all important accessory – the bridal smile – the groom looks good also,  after all he had a shave and puts on a great looking suit and he gets to look at the most beautiful girl in the world for a whole day with great expectations of what lies beneath the wedding dress 🙂

The next level is all about creating an album that encompasses all the bride and groom is about, the effort each has put into their special day, the beauty, sensuality and sexuality of the bride, the and it’s not a word I use (or spell) easily masculinity of the groom and combining this with some great location.  Yes it’s a make believe fairytale story book just about the bride and the grooms big day BUT it’s the book EVERY bride since first reading or hearing the story of Cinderella has secretly dreamed about – it’s the boutique fine art wedding album that until now has only existed (for UK brides at least) in make believe.

There are sacrifices that need to be made to be able to create such a work of art, the photographer (hopefully me) needs a lot more of your time but the results will last a lifetime and will truly become a family heirloom.  Often in the USA and Downunder the bride and groom do ‘the fine art shots’ early in the day way before the wedding – yes that means the groom seeing the bride before the wedding itself but there is always a huge unveiling of bride to the groom so the excitement and the grooms reaction is the same and many couples actually say it’s a much more intense moment since they don’t actually have to worry about the clock, the wedding official etc.  Often the fine art shots are taken after the wedding itself with the bride and groom as well as the immediate bridal party slope off for an hour or two before going to the wedding reception.  A lot of US couples actually do these shots the day after the wedding, bride’s love this because they are not so worried about getting the dress a little dirty or creased and hell, it’s a GREAT excuse to put the dress on all over again! – Why be a princess for a day when you can be a princess for a whole weekend? So this all means the ‘traditional wedding day’ plans need to be altered a little.  Normally in the UK there just isn’t enough time put aside to create these works of art alongside the normal wedding album also.  The good news is the bride and groom still get to spend the day with their friends and family just less a couple of hours – so the big question is what do they get back in return?

If you take a peek at the pictures attached – and you will see exactly what I mean.  I should point out that on the actual training course there were 20 photographers and 6 models, we were in groups of 5 photographers and each group had the models for 20 minutes each – a total of EXACTLY 2 hours – that’s right all the photos you see here were shot within a 2 hour time frame.  The ones at night naturally were shot later that same day after a dinner break but all of these photos were shot within a 2 hour period.  I came home with 800 + images from the course and have managed to get it down to these few just to give you a taster of what can be done when you have a couple of hours and a couple without all the distractions associated around the wedding timetable.

After you have looked at all these photos and there will be a LOT – close your eyes for a couple of minutes and try to imagine a fine art photo album made up of 30 – 40 fantastic rich colorful images and amazing black and white photos and then think just how fantastic that album would be as a record of you and your partners very special day – it’s not the wedding album, you get that also, this is just something a little special just for the two of you to keep forever and pass down through the generations…………

Interesting idea isn’t it? – want to know more, drop me an email to david@davidpurslow.com

Feast your eyes and enjoy my vision of Venice.

Hope you enjoyed the show – drop me a line and lets talk about creating you a fine art album all of your own.



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