The Wedding of Angela and Ian

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before I start, Just a little plug – 2009 dates are getting filled quite quickly, if your interested in using my services for your wedding please contact me sooner rather than later !

Okay, If your a frequent visitor to my blog you may remember MONTHS ago I shot a wedding that in my write up I said if it could go wrong it did, but I also said that bride and groom made the day what it was and that was a great time for all there guests and themselves. Angela and Ian hammered home the fact that your wedding day is what you make it, nothing but nothing stopped them having a great wedding and I am proud to say I am OVER THE MOON with the album – visit the original blog post HERE to see what I am talking about.

I should point out that on this day it pissed down with rain ALL DAY LONG and when I say it pissed, boy it really bucketed it down – that’s why you will see only a couple of shots outside – again if you read my original post the wedding reception venue is a magnificent old manor house but had green carpet, green wall paper and green ceilings and was about as dark as they come so from my point of view it was an very very challenging day !

The other thing I should point out is that I don’t finish albums in the order I shoot them and by that I mean if I shoot your wedding first and then another wedding a few weeks later, it does not follow that your wedding album will be done first – the reason for this is each wedding album is (in my opinion) a work of art ! – I cant churn them out one after the other and I have to be in the right mindset for each wedding. I often work on 2 or 3 weeding albums in a single day but the albums take me several weeks to produce the first draft ! I get the feel for how the album will look on the day but then when looking over the photos – If my mood that day is not conducive with creating your album, I work on another – Music, Foods, Weather, Joshua etc all effect my creative mood – I have been really cranking out the albums over the last few weeks as I have been listening to a lot of Celion Dion, Katherine Jenkins etc – I love this time of year, music flows from all different sources and it really gets my juices flowing !

Angela and Ian’s album is what I call a one hit wonder – This album has not changed one bit from my initial layout to the final version – Angela and Ian were thrilled with the layout and design of the album the moment they saw it so all I had to do was polish it a little. – More about polishing albums in a few days.

Here is the album for you to enjoy !

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