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I posted a little earlier the wedding album of Angela and Ian well as often happens on my blog, I have to post something else to move is down a little to take it away from the margin.

I was exchanging emails earlier with one of my brides from a wedding I shot earlier this year. She is popping over the house tomorrow to pick up some photos. Unfortunately I wont be here but Nikki my lovely wife will be here to take care of the hand over. I love to see the reaction of people when they look at my photos, I always get a HUGE kick out of the way people react. Sian and Simon picked a fantastic image as a HUGE 12×18 inch black and white print and its that one I wanted to see the reaction of.

The original post can be found HERE

But while I was looking through the photos looking for the picture they picked I came across this one, its one of bridal portraits I shot of Sian in the Honeymoon suite of the hotel. Nikki (not my wife but my assistant – I seem to be surrounded by Nikki’s – I even have an ante Nikki who is YOUNGER than me !) – go figure. Anyway back to the story, Nikki my assistant is holding an off camera light for me and is to my right. I put this version of the photo thru some software that creates a ‘glamour look’ to the photos.

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