Zoey and Alex’s Wedding

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Yesterday I had the great pleasure of photographing a fantastic wedding.  The wedding took place at St Clydau’s Church nr Newcastle Emlyn in Pembrokeshire, this church has been standing since the 6th Century !  This was followed by a lavish reception at RhosyGilwen (Rhos y Gilwen) in the grounds of the Mansion House.

I woke up all excited as I had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time, I remember when speaking to Zoey and her mum during our initial meeting how enchanted the church and reception venue was.  I had actually scouted out the venues the day before and bumped into Zoey, her mum and sister – I always visit a location I have never shot at before a few days before a wedding and BOOKMARK them into my sat nav – nothing worse than a photographer turning up late or not finding the church or reception.  I was glad I did this as St Clydau’s Church is a little off the beaten track ! – but when I found the place, boy was it worth it.  Back to the wedding day.  There was no bridal preparation coverage required at this wedding so I turned up at the church at 2:45pm – 4PM wedding – Again a photographers tit – If you want to get great venue shots do it before anyone parks car’s all over the place !


Shortly after I arrived, Rodger the Vicar turned up, naturally he was not dressed as in the photo below but we had our “Whats the photographer allowed to do” talk and then just chatted for a while, Rodger was very laid back, pretty much let me do whatever I wanted to do as long as NO flash was used in church and told a mean Joke !


Shortly after this, the guests started arriving (no guest photos as they are for the B+G’s eyes first !)

And then the man of the day arrived, Alex with his best man Adam.


Soon after this photo was taken, everyone was ushered into the church as Zoey was fast approaching in a lovely old white Rolls Royce.


The church was magnificent inside and produced some stunning photos, I used a tripod at the back of the church to hold the camera still and used long exposures to capture the colour and detail – I am DELIGHTED by the photos and just hope Zoey and Alex like them as much as I do – the colours were so sumptuous and rich that they are going to look fantastic in the Wedding Album.


The black and whites are pretty cool too…….


On a personal note I was not feeling my best at the wedding, it was nothing major just a sore throat from too much shouting the day before however I did have a niggling cough – I always believe that things like this happen for a reason – well I felt a cough coming on so nipped out the doors of the church (right next to me) and happened to see the YOUNGEST guest at the wedding being entertained so snapped this shot using a long lens (70-200mm) and I dont think they knew I took it ! – I LOVE this photo, had a quick cough and back inside


The signing of the register shot was a little on the difficult side to capture because the table was directly infront of a window – I used the light from the window to capture this image but the fall off was pretty dramatic and I wanted to get Rodger in the background – I loved how this turned out in the end. – I added a tiny amount of fill flash towards the front and bounced a lot of light into the roof to spill down onto Rodger in the background – I wanted a natural looking light photo and not some washed out flash photo.


The confetti shot was one of those occasions where I had to break out the QFlash – made by Quantum in America this is a pretty BIG flash that I always carry in the back of the car but generally dont use that often – The reason I used it here was the bride and groom were directly lit by the sun from behind and it was very strong, with lots of sky to balance out I needed to ‘POP’ a lot of light onto the couple to keep the detail in the brides dress and to make the shot look natural.  My on camera flash (Nikon SB-800) would not have been able to recycle fast enough or put out enough power for these photos.


Following the photos at the Church we shot off to RhosyGilwen (Rhos y Gilwen) a truley stunning wedding reception venue.  The guests arrived to Can-ape’s outside the front of the mansion house and lawn games on the lawn as it happens !


While the mingled around and waited for the phtoos to be shot they were entertained by a Harp’ist if thats such a word or a very tallented young lady playing the harp for the arrival of the guests – that sounds better.  I wanted to capture the passion she put into her music and the concentration it was taking, I had to manually focus this as the camer would have tried to focus on the strings.


I shot dozens of photos of the guests having a great time however I cant fill the blog up with them all, but here is one that I really liked.  I took around 25 photos to get this shot and knowing what you what to get when you take a photo is important – the guys were playing Jenga and I wanted a shot of it falling down – I also wanted a shot of the bride playing Jenga and would have LOVED it if the bride made it fall – Not the case here, however Zoey’s expression is priceless in itself.  For hte album shots I will airbrush out the handbag on the lawn, I should have been looking out for details like that however I kept moving as each person took a turn.


Here are a couple of photos I shot of the bride and groom as I stole them for a few moments on their own, well on there own and me !



And the Group shot – taken from inside “THE YELLOW ROOM”


Last but not least I will leave you with 2 of my favorite photos from the day – The first one is of Zoey’s Sister and I prey I have her name spelt correctly – Tamzind ?? – She did a fantastic job of looking after the train on the dress all day and it was hard to get a shot of her without it being her with the dress – I had the perfect shot, using the long lens again (Nikon 70-200mm VR) at 200mm I was a good distance away, just as I was about to press the shutter on the camera, Zoey’s Veil was caught by the wind and blew up into the shot – I actually loved the result a really good outtake photo that you could not stage but just happens


and last but not least, a stolen moment with Zoey and Alex as they start there journey into married life


Congratulations to the two of you, thanks for choosing me to share your day with.


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Aunty RuthAugust 4, 2008 - 7:09 pm

Fantastic day and some fantastic shots here – she truly looked amazing and Tamzin looked fab too!

David PurslowAugust 4, 2008 - 7:18 pm

Thanks Aunty Ruth, very nice of you to say so, both the girls looked fantastic as did Zoey’s mum ! Very glad you liked the photos, the rest will be online shortly.


David Purslow
07799 666808

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