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I recently shot another wedding at Manorbier Castle on a stormy day but this allowed me to capture some amazing photos of the castle itself – if you would like to see a couple of amazing shots of Manorbier Castle please visit the following page

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Today I had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Anna and Matt.  This was the first of my weddings at Manorbier Castle this year and Oh boy, what a fantastic venue.  I had been looking forward to this day for a long time, well EXACTLY 1 year to be exact (okay, I am kidding, today was Joshua’s 1st Birthday but we had partied yesterday) but seriously I had been looking forward to shooting this wedding ever since when talking to Matt, he mentioned those magic words Wedding and Castle in one sentence.  Well the wait was over and today the wedding took place.  I had only met Matt and Anna on Friday, this was another of my “internet weddings”  I had received a phone call months ago, we talked for a good while, and a few days later the wedding was booked.  I always try to meet up with couples prior to a wedding as you get a feeling for exactly what they want, what kind of people they are etc, Well Matt and Anna proved to be really great folks, we chatted for an hour or so and once everything was sorted out we went our seperate ways, me knowing what a great day I was in for – A small intimate wedding at a fantastic castle location with a great couple and plans that made it sound fun.  I am sure Anna and Matt went away thinking OH MY GOD, that guy is nuts – I often get told I am way to enthueastic about wedding photography and am hyper at meetings with brides and grooms, I cant help it, I get carried away by all the planning and details, I LOVE weddings.

Okay onto today.  At our Friday meeting Matt told me he was going for a quick pint before the wedding with his best man and invited me for a drink – naturally I had orange and lemonaid.  We met up at The Castle (The Castle Inn by the sea) just around the corner from Manorbier Castle at 3pm an hour before the wedding was due to take place.


Inside Matt got the pint he and Anna had said he was having before the wedding and since he was standing under a clock and it was only 58 minutes until the wedding was due to start, I though it made a good picture.


Once all the drinks arrived we went outside.  As this was very much a relaxed and informal wedding with a total wedding party including the bride and groom of only 12 people, I was not shooting the traditional formals of the groom and his best man but we did get a few cracking shots.  One of the things I remember Anna saying to me was to make sure I got some shots of Matt laughing and smiling, as she said he has a lovely smile !


Also while at the pub, I thought it was a good place to shoot a couple of ring shots, this one came to mind while I looked around the beer garden.


So after a swift pint (orange juice) I popped over the road to The Castlemead Hotel to shoot a few pics of Anna getting ready.  On arriving, Anna was already in her dress and looked amazing.  I remember her telling me the story of how she brought it, it was the first dress she tried on and as I have already said, she looked fantastic in it.  So with Anna already dressed all that was left to do was pop on a little bit of Lippy (Lipstick for our American viewers)


I only stopped with Anna for a couple of minutes before walking across the road again ! – there was a lot of walking across the road at this wedding but everything was within minutes of each other.  So across the road to shoot some establishing shots of the castle.  Since I have tons of toehr photos of the castle coming up, I wont post the establishing shots at the moment.

Exactly as planned at 3:45 pm  Anna and her mum and dad came across the road and arrived at the castle.   I was a little ‘miffed’ that someone had parked there car right in the shot however it turned out it was Matt – THE GROOM and we moved it later for photos, so no harm done !


So we jump to the wedding at this point, a few photos were shot of getting ready for the wedding and Matt looking all nervous but they are for the B&G to see first !

The room you get married in at Manorbier Castle is amazing and has to be seen in the flesh really, the photos just dont do it justice, you can feel hundreds of years of atmosphere as soon as you walk in.  Anyway, the wedding started and I was allowed to snap a few pics, here DAD (father of the bride) is reading a reading to the couple.


and here shortly after I had shot my posed signing of the register shot, everyone else is taking pictures.  This is the WHOLE wedding party !


The chapel is on the first floor of the castle (just above the dungeon) and following the wedding, Matt and Anna came down the stone stairs with Anna’s Bridesmaid – Mary.


So with the wedding over, it was time for the guest to enjoy a glass of bubbly and a few canapes on the lawn, I snuck the B&G off for a few photos by themselves.  The grounds of Manorbier Castle are fantastic, well maintained and a photographers deight – Here is a long shot taken from ground level, I asked Matt and Anna to pop upstairs to the grand ball room,  stand in the window and just grab a moment.


And here is why its important to carry 2 cameras, I quickly changed over to the LONGER lens and snapped this.


I kept the happy couple away for no longer than 10 minutes and shot a few of the romantic shots – not staged or directed but I told the couple to go for a walk, take 5 minutes to themselves and talk about the day – these are a couple of the results



Naturally after I was finished I let them go grab some food ! – I never show a lady eating food on the blog, I dont think its a fair photo but the guys are fair game in my book.

Guess who ?


and with such a great location to play around in, Mary burnt off a little energy herself.


Well with the wedding winding down, Naturally a group shot is a must, and in a castle with stair cases everywhere, what else are you going to shoot ?


I was asked if I could grab a special shot for Anna and naturally said yes, how can you ever say no to a lady on her wedding day ? – Anna and her friend both with something hiding inside !


With the day winding down all that was left to do was shoot a couple of pictures on the outside of the Castle, first the happy couple kissing on the draw bridge


and last but not least, Anna and Matt walking down the driveway from the castle – I am sure they will agree, a FANTASTIC DAY.


Congratulations for Anna and Matt, and thanks for asking me to photograph you wedding, I had a fantastic time, I hope you enjoy your honey moon and look forward to talking to you on your return.


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