Pregnancy Bump Portraits for Worcestershire and the West Midlands

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Today I had the great pleasure of shooting a fantastic couple’s baby to be ! The couple had wanted some portraits that showed off the “BUMP”. I arranged for the shoot to take place inside the studio rather than outside where I generally like to shoot most of my portraits. The couple had requested a white background so a studio based setting was needed.

The idea was to create some funky and fun photos which generally showed off the bump. I had asked the couple to come wearing similar colours or tones as this always works well for portraits. Its a good rule of thumb that if your shooting casual portraits try to get all the members of the family or portrait group to wear like colours or tones – I say tones because black and white’s dont care about colour but a dark green and a dark blue will pretty much look about the same in a b/b if the tones are close – you get the idea.

In the first photo, its a general establishing shot of the couple and the bump – It sets the scene as its not too formal, looks relaxed and in my humble opinion is a great pregnancy portrait bump shot !


I am avoiding naming the couple until I have spoken to them so will continue to refer to them as “The couple”

In the next shot (possibly my favorite shot of the day) you loose a lot seeing it only this small. I spent a lot of time in photoshop editing this image to get it to look how I like it. The big full size image has fantastic grain structure in it and looks like an old 400 or 800 ASA black and white film grain – in this little picture you miss so much detail. This image would make a fantastic canvas wrap or large format photographic print. Anyway I love it and its going into my portfolio.


The rest of the images pretty much speak for themselves so since its WAY past my bed time and Nikki is keeping the bed warm for me, I shall just pop them up without descriptions for you.

Pregnancy portraits are great fun, very personal and something that when the bump is gone gives the mum’s great pleasure looking back over. I get more letters from Mum’s than any other form of photography expressing how much they enjoy the photos – normally its about a year or two before I get the letters but its an amazing percentage of the mums from my pregnancy tummy portraits that do drop me a line.

As I said before, here are a few more. Just out of interest, the shoot lasted about 45 minutes and I took about 75 photos during that time.

Hope you like, remember either post a comment or drop me a email as Feedback on the blog is always great to receive.

night night.


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