I am Back !

Hello there,

Well I am back! – And what a bumpy landing back in the UK, I flew in Wednesday during the very very high winds. Not being a good flyer at the best of time, all I can say is this was the most frightening flight I have been on. The winds were so bad and the flight so bumpy that we could not land in Birmingham (we tried!) We got diverted to Gatwick L after 2 ½ hours however the winds died down enough to let us as the captain said “try to make a landing at Birmingham” – lucky for me we made it.

Anyway my reason for popping over the States was to visit my best man (my wedding) and my best friend Warren. Unfortunately Warren’s Girlfriend passed away the week before, Lisa was very ill, this was expected but just not this soon, I never got to say goodbye in person as I was going out to say my goodbye’s in a few weeks time. I did not go for the actually Funeral but went over to keep my friend company after all the family had returned home. Warren as usual was the most gracious host and came home feeling he had done a better job of looking after me than I did for him.

While I was away Nikki (my bride) kept me up to date with Joshua’s daily activities and sent over some fantastic photos to keep my daily ‘FIX’ satisfied.

This is my favourite from the photos Nikki sent to me, it’s JD in my chair, looking after the office phone whilst I was away.

The value of photos is priceless to me, because they act as triggers to memories and memories remind me of the people I have loved, had fun with, lost, and enjoyed good times with, shared bad times with and all the other moments that have made up my life so far.

This photo will always remind me of Lisa, my friend Warren, Joshua, my darling wife and that horrible flight back.

I can’t wait to return to New Jersey to visit my friend but will miss Lisa as she was such a great character.



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